New Products

Hello Neighbor

Blue mines to silver glitter with red falling leaves, crackling tail to red blue and white glitter, blue mine to blue with silver fish, crackling tail to purole and blue with gold glitter, blue mine to blue and gold fish, crackling tail to red blue purple green and...


1,colour fish silver pine;2,red blue fish silver crackle;3,colour fish silver pine;4,yellow green purple fish silver crackle;5,colour fish silver pine;6,colour fish with silver crackle.

Call Me Wayne

purple+green+white glitter,red+green+blue+purple;silver tiger comet,red+sky blue+white;purple+lemon+golden glitter;green tiger comet,green+red+blue+purple.


It may sound like Doomsday, but no need to run for cover.  With big breaks and entertaining fish, this if far from the real doomsday.  Spinners and red falling leaves, a golden tail with red, green and blue chrysanthemum, even a whistle with green leaves, crackling...

Pride In The Water

Sail the seas with the pride of the USA as green peony with gold and red glitter burst overhead.   Red peony with white and gold glitter, blue peony with gold and red glitter, and red, green and blue peony with colorful glitter repeat for nearly a minute.  

Tougue Tied

You will be left Tongue Tied after you see this cake. With its wide range of effects, everybody is sure to find themselves speechless.  Effects include a silver glitter gold willow to red mine, brocade crown to red and silver glitter pistil, silver glitter gold willow...

Inferno Punch

You can’t dodge this punch with 16 shots in 17 seconds and both ground and aerial effects thrown in there.  The intensity of the color stars and dahlias are impressive enough to make any fighter back down.  White glitter mines, blue, red, green, and lemon stars soar...


Are you ready for these Mobsters to take over the neighborhood?  With big breaks and impressive glitter, you’re sure to cause a stir. Red and blue, purple and green, and lemon and blue breaks are all paired with white glitter to show them who’s boss.     

Grizzly Attack

This grizzly doesn’t bite, he attacks!  This quiet night sky doesn’t stand a chance against the silver spinners going up into blood red and lemon stars, purple and green stars, red, green and blue stars, purple, yellow and blue stars, and orange, purple and green...

Beauty & Beast

The combination of Beauty and Beast is one to behold in this 20 shot finale.  Blue and red mines burst into the sky with white glitter quietly following. Blue, red, purple, and orange mines break the silence with gold, green or white glitter ending each shot.  Red and...

Sharp Shooter

Keep your eye on the prize for this one.  Green tiger comets and red blue mines prove that this cake is going to be good.  Lemon silver wave mines to purple, sky blue, lemon, white, and golden glitter. Brocade mines to brocade red, red glitter and green glitter really...

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