Blog: December 2016

Fund Raise With Fireworks


Is your church group selling candles to raise money?fireworks fundraiser  Boring

Is your football team selling candy bars for new uniforms? Dull.

Is your Boy Scouts troop selling raffle tickets? Yawn.


Why not bring some excitement to your fundraiser by selling FIREWORKS?

Yes, fireworks!  Selling fireworks is a fast and easy and fun way to earn money for your sports teams, church groups, clubs or civic groups. For years, Wholesale Fireworks has been helping groups make lots of money—fast.

We provide:

  • A world-class assortment of America’s favorite brand of fireworks, which means there is already a huge demand for it during the 4th of July and New Year’s Eve holidays.
  • Training from our committed staff so that you’ll not only be comfortable with the product but you’ll be an informed salesperson as well.
  • An eye-catching tent in a prominent location, as well as all of the posters, signs and sales materials you’ll need to draw in a crowd of eager customers.
  • Our professional guidance every step of the way.


With a fundraiser from Wholesale Fireworks, you can expect to earn $2,000-$6,000 in a 7-10 day sales period. All it takes is an ample supply of volunteers from your group and we do the rest.  Fireworks fundraisers are fast and less work to organize than traditional fundraisers, and with our dedicated staff and the commitment of your group, you’ll be reaching your sales goal in no time!


wholesale fireworks tent